Alberta Soil Science

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Alberta Soils Network (ASN)


Alberta Soils Network (ASN) provides opportunities for environmental scientists interested in the field of soil science to network and develop professionally. The need for a soils network has gradually arisen because many new graduates no longer work at government agencies where specific in-house training in soils is provided. Training is left more and more up to a consortium of government, industry, academic, professional organizations and consultants to work together on coordinating efforts for continuous education and linking resources. The network has identified a need to gain a current picture of soil science-related training, education and information and so we are working to address this need. Alberta Soils Network was originally established as an AIA branch but continues its service to the community under ASSW. It is hoped that this network will provide interested persons with valuable online references, allowing members to quickly identify and evaluate opportunities in continuing professional development.

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KAll event information is emailed to all ASN members.  Please ensure that your email information registered with the Network is correct so that you will receive event notices.  Events are open to both members and nonmembers.  If you are not a registered member please email Ted or Sebastian to be added to the event notification list.

ASN committee

• Jaime Aguilar Rojas
Sebastian Dietrich Co-Chair
• Bonnie Drozdowski
• Lynette Esak
Edward Furler Co-Chair
• Stephanie Hannem
• Jonah Kelly
• Colleen Shabada
• Sarah Thacker