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2022 Alberta Soils Tour

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Update on Alberta Soils Tour

The next Alberta Soils Tour will be associated with the 2022 joint Conference of the Canadian Society of Soil Science (CSSS) and Alberta Soil Science Workshop (ASSW). The dates were postponed from 2021 to 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The Conference is scheduled for June, 2022 in Edmonton, AB. Please visit the CSSS website for updates on the joint CSSS/ASSW conference (https://csss.ca/meetings/). There will be two field tours associated with the CSSS/ASSW Conference:

  •  • Pre-Conference Tour: 1-day bus tour in Edmonton vicinities showcasing Chernozems and Luvisols
  •  • Post-Conference Tour: 3-day bus tour through Rockies and Foothills with start and end in Edmonton

The Alberta Soils Tour and the Alberta Soil Science Workshop (ASSW) were born the same year – in 1962 – under the umbrella of the Alberta Advisory Fertilizer Committee. Since 2016, the Alberta Soils Tour has been an integral part of the ASSW. The Soils Tour Sub- Committee of ASSW is responsible for organizing the Tour every two years.

The Soils Tour Sub-Committee organized two successful tours: 2016 Tour in the Oil Sands Region and the 2019 Tour in Central Alberta. With over one hundred people on-board, the 2019 tour was the largest Alberta Soils Tour in history.

The Alberta Soils Tour is a two- or three-day field trip hosted biannually. Organization of the Alberta Soils Tour is a significant undertaking, requiring preparation trips, arrangements for logistics and post-tour presentations. We are currently planning for the 2022 Tour. An exciting opportunity has arisen for the ASSW: the annual conference of the Canadian Society of Soil Science will be hold in Edmonton in June 2022. The Soils Tour Sub-Committee was approached to organize a pre-conference tour at the national level. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase not only our soils and landscapes, but also our scientific expertise.

The current activities of the Soils Tour Sub-Committee include:

  •  • Presentation of the 2019 Tour at the Volunteer session (see the Abstract in this volume),
  •  • Formal approval of the Terms of References for the Alberta Soils Tour Chair position at the 2020 ASSW General Meeting,
  •  • Financial report at the 2020 ASSW General Meeting,
  •  • Announcement of the 2022 Alberta Soils Tour at the 2020 ASSW
  •  • Preparation of a reconnaissance trip to select 2022 Tour sites (May-June 2020),
  •  • Update of the history web page of ASSW with 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2019 Tours materials, and
  •  • Recruitment of potential volunteers to join the Soils Tour Sub-Committee and the 2021 Tour team.

At the ASSW, we believe that the Alberta Soils Tour is an important component promoting soil science in Alberta and future education of environmental professionals. It is also a great opportunity for networking and professional development. We are looking forward to organizing the Alberta Soils Tour through the years to come for the benefits of soil science and professionals in Alberta.